Caring Tips For Different Kinds Of Clothes

You cannot treat all clothes in the same manner. Each material varies on different ways to which it reacts to in water, to a detergent and even dry cleaning. So knowing the right kind of care method for the varying material is important. Here are some tips to help you out with this;

Silk and care

Silk maybe one of those materials that you might not exactly wear on a daily basis. So taking care of them to last more than one wear is important. Don’t ever use harsh detergents and bleaches on this, as it will only result in damaging the entire material. Instead try hand washing in cool or mildly hot water by combining it with light detergent soaps like shampoo or ivory soap dissolved in water. One special thing about drying silk material is to not use the usual method of drying in a dryer or squeezing them, instead place them on a towel and gently remove out the water in them. Let them dry out naturally by hanging them up on hangers outside or in your laundry room. See this post if you are looking for perfect hanger.

Denim and care

We all love wearing jeans. It is one of the easiest outfits that could be paired with just about anything. However, we all do face the problem of them fading out after one or two washes. And then our favorite pair of jeans looks like it was bought in the last century! Although ripped jeans might be the thing nowadays, there still is quite the demand for a normal pair of jeans with an amazing blue. One thing you might have not known when buying that pair of jeans hung on hangers with clips is that a good pair of jeans takes about six months to shape in to the size of our body. So they shouldn’t be washed until then. When you do wash these before time, they would lose their texture and shape. Thus making us look hideous with it. So wash your denims in way where their reverse side is out and use lighter detergents, this will help them hold on to their color for a longer time, but if you are trying to achieve the faded look then you could consider washing them in hot water once.

Cotton and care

Most of us own a lot of cotton clothes. They not only inexpensive but are also quite comfy. However, they do shrink faster than any other kind of material. You could wash them with any detergent and use warm water as well or the usual cold, and if it is white then you can even consider using bleach on it too. But the best part is that regardless of the fact that it wrinkles easily you can still use a good iron and get them back to their shape.
Consider the above and use the best method of cleansing depending on the kind of material your clothes are made from!