Ways To Help A Student With Special Needs?

Most adults are confused when dealing with kids who have special needs or disabilities. But as teacher lack of a proper relationship with the student may make teaching difficult. Teachers must find interesting methods and ways to connect with each and every student in the classroom. Only when this bond has formed will students be willing to understand the teachings and cooperate with the teacher. Here are some useful tips for teachers to help them reach out to kids with special needs and make them enjoy learning.


Dealing with kids can be quite tedious but special needs children require extra effort and attention. This may be stressful and tiring but teachers must remain calm and positive throughout. Kids can understand what you feel about them so signs of frustration can affect the child’s performance. Disabled kids are slow learners and are easily distracted so it may seem as a sign of disrespect. Keep in mind that they are just kids and never give up on them. Be optimistic of their performance.


Children’s behaviour depends on their surroundings so always make sure the classroom is organized perfectly. Arrange the furniture in the classroom in such a way that makes it convenient for students in paediatric wheelchairs to move about freely. Another requirement for kids with disabilities and special needs is to reduce the amount of distraction in order to have their total attention.

Understand and Communicate

Students learn better if the teacher establishes a better relationship with them. In order to understand the child the teacher must observe his movements and behaviour. Communication is the perfect way to build relationships so start small. Never expect clear answers because the child will take time to be comfortable around a new person. But always acknowledge each and every student and make them feel like they belong.

Performable Tasks

Kids with disabilities aren’t able to perform the tasks like other students their age. So assign tasks that are within their ability. Try as much as possible to include them in all the outdoor activities. Good stroller for disabled child maybe used to help the child move outdoors and let him enjoy small activities with friends.

Multisensory Aids

Special needs children require different teaching tactics to perform in class. Using visual and audio aids can encourage them to perform with focus and concentration. Basic methods such as picture cards, clapping, and music are helpful to gain the attention of such students. Use new creative methods to teach the same content in order to make the child familiar with it.